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Outdoor Timber

Garden Structures, Railway Sleepers, Fencing and Decking have become an integral part of UK garden design. Although not blessed with the best weather in the world, the UK homeowner enjoys their garden and the benefits that it can offer by extending their usable living space. Here you will find components for pergolas, decking kits, timber cladding of all sorts, fencing products, railway sleepers, (often utilised for raised bed kits or lawn edgings) plus many other materials that will enable the construction of so many garden structures that the only limit is your own imagination. Most items are in stock, some have to be cut to order but are processed on site so limiting lead time.

Please contact us if any size or material appears not to be available, UK Timber Ltd are a fully traditional sawmill with huge amounts of processing machinery so almost no requirement is impossible!!

Outdoor Timber 


  • Decking Supplies

    UK Timber Ltd have extensive on-site production facilities to enable the machining and finishing of our range of decking products from mainly domestic timber.

    What Types Of Garden Decking Are Available?

    Our garden decking is available in English OakYellow Balau and English Larch. We also import continental redwood deck boards to complete our portfolio, we think offering the most complete range of garden decking in the UK!

    Being in charge of production from the tree to the finished article gives us complete product control and the quality of the finished product will stand as witness to our tried and tested production methods.

    Beautiful decks require beautiful decking! UK Timber also offers home grown timber treated softwood decking joists that we mill on site!

    Accessories You'll Need To Construct Quality Timber Decking

    In addition to our range of decking boards and joists we stock most components for those finishing touches to your deck. A good looking, properly finished deck can add substantially to the value of your home. Here you will find spindleshand and base rails and ready made complete panels for speed and ease of fitting.

  • Timber Cladding

    Timber cladding also referred to as weather boards or weatherboarding, can add an extra dimension to a building.
    Different woods can be utilised for cladding products; They can either be treated or untreated. We offer timbers that can be used for both internal and external applications.
    We supply many different profiles ranging from your standard feather edge to a rustic style waney edge and even a shiplap profile, along with a selection of hardwearing and stunning materials.

    Advantages of Timber Cladding

    Main Advantages

     - It is a lightweight material with protective functions.
     - It also has decorative design functions.
     - It is quick to install.
     - It reduces the size and cost of foundations.
     - It is applicable over a wide choice of woods to suite all budgets.
     - It has outstanding thermal properties.
     - It has outstanding sound insulation properties.
     - It is suitable for new build and renovation projects.
     - It is easy to repair.

    Aesthetic Advantages

     - It has an attractive grain and colour.
     - It comes in various styles.
     - It is easy to redecorate.

    Environmental Advantages

     - It is a renewable resource.
     - It is sustainable.
     - It has a low carbon footprint.
     - It can be recycled up to the end of its life.

    Timber Cladding Profiles

    Profiled cladding is suitable for both internal and external applications. Kiln dried cladding is used internally as it is less inclined to shrinkage or movement, while air dried cladding and fresh sawn profiled cladding is used for all external applications.
    Cladding can be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally with either overlapping or flush faces. More commonly, the timbers are laid horizontally.

    Timber Cladding Customisations

    We can customise our cladding based on the client’s specifications. Our customisation includes species, profile, fire retardant treatment, size and grade.


    For External Half Lap Cladding and External Ship Lap Cladding:
     - Hardwood (Oak)
     - Softwood (English Larch)
    For ThermoWood Cladding:
     - Pines
    For Featheredge Cladding:
     - Oak
     - Larch
    Black Painted Whitewood
    For Fresh Cut Waney Cladding:
     - Oak
     - English Larch


    External Profiles
    Internal Profiles


    Available in different sizes, customers can also modify these sizes with our custom cut service.


    Our products come in two grades: Rebated Character Grade Oak and Character Grade V Tongue and Groove.

    External and Internal Cladding

    We offer both internal and external timber cladding in different profiles, lengths and dimensions.
    Internal Cladding is available for the following timber:
     - Fresh Sawn Timber
     - Air Dried Timber
     - Kiln Dried Timber

    External Timber Cladding falls into the Featheredge Cladding category. Available in a sawn finish and supplied in random lengths between 1.7m to 3.6m, it can also be custom cut. This cladding option is available in the following woods:
     - Oak
     - Treated Softwood
     - English Larch

    Timber Cladding Offerings

    We stock a wide range of cladding products. All have been certified and have passed the necessary standards. Here are some of our offerings:

     - Profiled Cladding
     - ThermoWood Cladding
     - Featheredge Cladding
     - Rebated Featheredge Cladding
     - Custom Cut Featheredge Boards
     - Fresh Cut Waney Edge Boards

    In addition, we also offer trim boards that are used as a finishing/edging to cladding projects. They are available in freshly sawn Oak or English Larch.

    Timber Cladding Certifications

    All of our products comply with the European QP1 standards and the THA or THB standards, as approved by TRADA (The Timber Research and Development Association). Sourced from various PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited sources, our products are fully compliant with responsible felling methods.

    Why are these certification important?
     - They certify that merchants are against the destruction of the forest
     - They certify that merchants are in favour of forest management
     - They certify that the merchants offer high quality products
     - They certify that merchants have social and environmental qualities

  • Railway Sleepers

    Wide Choice Of Softwood And Hardwood Railway Sleepers

    We cut our own softwood railway sleepers and hardwood railway sleepers, both treated and untreated, according to customer requirements.

    We can offer as few as a handful or as many as full arctic loads! You will also find a full range of reclaimed sleepers in all shapes, sizes and treatments - without a doubt the most complete range in the UK!

    Reclaimed (Used) Railway Sleepers

    Our reclaimed railway sleepers include: reclaimed softwood, reclaimed hardwood, reclaimed untreated tropical hardwoodreclaimed oak etc.

    New Railway Sleepers

    Our new gardening/landscaping railway sleepers include; new pressure treated green sleepers and new pressure treated brown softwood sleepersnew untreated English and European oak sleepers, new half oak sleepers perfect for raised beds and many other landscaping uses, new untreated English larch railway sleepers among many others.

    You can take advantage of our nationwide crane vehicle delivery service with this product.

  • Garden Features

    Get the most from your time in the garden with a superb selection of outdoor features. A range of raised bed kits, Pergola Kits, Suntrap Terrace Kits, garden planters and garden furniture - benches and solid oak cubes, to enhance the appearance of your garden and accentuate its natural beauty.

  • Garden Fencing

    Quality Fencing Materials

    English and European Oak Posts are one of our most popular products.

    As probably one of the few remaining commercial producers of oak fencing products UK Timber is well positioned to cater for even the largest oak fencing requirements at the lowest possible price.

    We offer fence rails in many lengths and dimensions that we have milled to the highest standard at one of our own sawmills.

    Treated Softwood Fencing Materials

    UK Timber also offers a full range of treated softwood fencing, milled primarily from English softwood that normally travels less than 50 miles to one of our mills and is then treated on site.

    It is our aim to husband responsible forestry wherever possible and we try to source from FSC or PEFC accredited sources.

    We specialise in featheredge board fencingmachine rounded and peeled and pointed posts and stakes and our most popular post and rail fencing which we produce on site in large quantities. Our timber is sourced responsibly from reputable environmentally conscious companies.