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Timber Cladding

UK Timber Limited supply many different cladding profiles ranging from your standard feather edge to a rustic style waney edge and even a shiplap profile, in a selection of hardwearing and stunning materials.

Timber cladding also referred to as weatherboards or weatherboarding, can add an extra dimension to a building. Different woods can be ut...

UK Timber Limited supply many different cladding profiles ranging from your standard feather edge to a rustic style waney edge and even a shiplap profile, in a selection of hardwearing and stunning materials.

Timber cladding also referred to as weatherboards or weatherboarding, can add an extra dimension to a building. Different woods can be utilised for cladding products; they can either be treated or untreated. We offer timbers that can be used for both internal and external applications.

We supply both the standard weather boarding or heavier more robust cladding for longer lasting beauty and for use in heavily weather exposed areas.

Advantages of Timber Cladding

Main Advantages

  •  It is a lightweight material with protective functions
  •  It also has decorative design functions
  •  It is quick to install
  •  It reduces the size and cost of foundations
  •  It is applicable over a wide choice of woods to suite all budgets
  •  It has outstanding thermal properties
  •  It has outstanding sound insulation properties
  •  It is suitable for new build and renovation projects
  •  It is easy to repair.

Aesthetic Advantages

  •  It has an attractive grain and colour
  •  It comes in various styles
  •  It is easy to redecorate

Environmental Advantages

  •  It is a renewable resource
  •  It is sustainable
  •  It has a low carbon footprint
  •  It can be recycled up to the end of its life

Timber Cladding Profiles

Profiled cladding is suitable for both internal and external applications. Kiln dried cladding is used internally as it is less inclined to shrinkage or movement, while air dried cladding and fresh sawn profiled cladding is used for all external applications.

Cladding can be laid horizontally, vertically or diagonally with either overlapping or flush faces. More commonly, the timbers are laid horizontally.

Timber Cladding Customisations

We can customise our cladding based on the client’s specifications. Our customisation includes species, profile, fire retardant treatment, size and grade.


For External Half Lap Cladding and  External Shiplap Cladding:

  •  Hardwood (Oak)
  •  Softwood (English Larch)

For Feather Edge Cladding:

  •  Oak
  •  Larch
  •  Black Painted Whitewood

For Fresh Cut Waney Cladding:

  •  Oak
  •  English Larch


  • External Profiles
  • Internal Profiles


Available in random lengths. Customers can also modify these lengths with our custom cut service.


Our products come in two grades: Rebated Character Grade Oak and Character Grade V Tongue and Groove.

External and Internal Cladding

We offer both internal and external timber cladding in different profiles, lengths and dimensions.

Internal Cladding is available in the following timber:

External Timber Cladding falls into the Feather Edge Cladding category. Available in a sawn finish and supplied in random lengths between 1.7m to 3.6m, it can also be custom cut. This cladding option is available in the following woods:

  •  Oak
  •  Treated Softwood
  •  English Larch

Timber Cladding Offerings

We stock a wide range of cladding products. All have been certified and have passed the necessary standards. Here are some of our offerings:

In addition, we also offer trim boards that are used as a finishing/edging to cladding projects. They are available in freshly sawn Oak or English Larch.

Timber Cladding Certifications

All of our products comply with the European QP1 standards and the THA or THB standards, as approved by TRADA (The Timber Research and Development Association). Sourced from various PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited sources, our products are fully compliant with responsible felling methods.

Why are these certifications important?

  •  They certify that merchants are against the destruction of the forest
  •  They certify that merchants are in favour of forest management
  •  They certify that the merchants offer high quality products
  •  They certify that merchants have social and environmental qualities


  • Featheredge Cladding

    Featheredge cladding is also known as weatherboarding or feather-edge boarding and it is a traditional means of cladding homesIt is simply a sawn board cut on the diagonal to produce a tapered board that is over lapped when fitted, similar to roof tiles.

    Traditionally oak cladding was used but more recently other species have proven to be both durable and popular due to sometimes significantly lower costs. Here you will find oak, western red cedar and larch featheredge boarding or cladding in various dimensions.

    We supply both of the standard weatherboarding sizes cut from a 38mm board:

    • 24mm reducing to 6mm at the feather
    • 28mm reducing to 8mm at the feather 

    Please note: The advertised price of our featheredge cladding is per square metre and is in random lengths unless otherwise specified at an additional charge. 

  • Profiled Cladding

    Our profiled cladding is suitable for both internal and external applications depending on materials used. Kiln dried cladding can be used internally due to the reduced possibility of shrinkage or movement whereas air dried cladding and fresh sawn profiled cladding should be used outside for all external applications. We manufacture oak half lap and shiplap cladding along with western red cedar shiplap and half lap.

    The advertised price of our profiled cladding is per square metre with the exception of ThermoWood which is priced per linear metre.

  • Waney Edge Cladding

    Waney edge boards can best be described as a board with one waney edge and residual bark that shows off the individuality of the tree from which it was cut. One edge is cut straight to enable simple fitting and the waney edge is the one that is displayed. Waney edged boards are a traditional means of weatherboarding or cladding that retain their rustic appeal.

    We supply oak waney edge boards as well as English Larch waney edge boards for cladding.

    The advertised price of our waney edge cladding is per square metre.

  • Trim Boards

    These trim boards can be used as a finish and/or edging to cladding projects, soffits and facia boards.

    Our trim boards are available in freshly sawn Oak and English Larch.

  • Cladding Screws

    Here you will find cladding screws suitable for use with all of our hardwood and softwood cladding boards, both treated and untreated.

  • Cladding Treatments

    At UK Timber, we offer a vast range of treatments and oils to help our customers get the most from their cladding. Whether you want protection from the elements to help with resistance against rot, decay and insect attack, or if you simply want to change the colour of your cladding to suit your current mood, our range of treatments and oils help make protecting and enhancing your timber easy. We work closely with the Treatex brand to ensure that our cladding treatments offer great value for money without compromising on effectiveness or quality.

  • Cladding Samples

    Are you unsure which cladding boards would be more suitable for your project? We give you the opportunity to take a closer look at our high-quality cladding boards before you buy.

    Here you will find a choice of samples of our wide range of timber cladding. Our samples will give you an indication of the material, the grading and the grain of your selected boards.