Oak Beams and Boards | Excellent Value Oak Beams & Boards to Buy Online - UK Timber
Oak Beams and Boards | Excellent Value Oak Beams & Boards to Buy Online - UK Timber

Oak Beams and Boards

UK Timber is one of the UK's leading stockists of high quality oak beams and oak boards.

We operate nationwide, offering both Air-Dried and Fresh Sawn Oak Beams, as well as Fresh Sawn Oak Boards, Air Dried Oak Boards and Kiln-Dried Oak Boards.

We use Green English/European Oak for our beams and boards, a popular building material throughout England, as it affords great strength and durability, has a high moisture content and offers great resistance to decay whilst requiring no chemical treatments. All of this as well as being maintenance free and eco-friendly.

Fresh Sawn (Green Oak) VS Air-Dried VS Kiln-Dried

Here is a comparison of our Oak Beam and Oak Board options: 

Fresh Sawn Air-Dried Kiln-Dried
Adaptable for many various projects Used for framing and restoration For internal use
Used where some movement and shrinkage is permitted Suitable for more sensitive situations Kiln drying allows the timber to dry uniformly and to the precise moisture content required
It dries slowly and adjusts naturally The beams are dried in square sections for 1-4 years Can be machined to a more superior finish
Appropriate for projects that require an aged aesthetic Minimal acclimitisation required
Suitable for finishing immediately

We custom cut the following Oak Beams and Boards:

  • Structural Green Oak Beams (Fresh Sawn)
  • Structural Green Oak Beams (Air-Dried)
  • Structural Green Oak Beams THB/TH2 (Fresh Sawn)
  • Structural Green Oak Beams THA/TH1 (Fresh Sawn)
  • Landscaping Rustic Grade Oak
  • Kiln Dried Oak Boards (First)
  • Kiln Dried Oak Boards (Character)
  • Air Dried Oak Boards (Joinery Grade)
  • Air Dried Oak Boards (Joinery First Grade)

We P.A.R (Plane All Round) the following Oak Beams and Boards:

  • P.A.R Structural Green Oak Beams (Fresh Sawn)
  • P.A.R Structural Green Oak Beams (Air-Dried)
  • P.A.R Kiln Dried European Oak Boards (First)
  • P.A.R Kiln Dried European Oak Boards (Character)
  • P.A.R Air-Dried Oak Boards (Joinery Grade)
  • P.A.R Air-Dried Oak Boards (Joinery First Grade)

If you're still unsure as to what would be more suitable for your project, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable Sales Team on 01536 267 107 to discuss which will suit your requirements the best.


  • Structural Green Oak...

    Green Oak is a fresh cut (fresh sawn) oak. 

    Here at UK Timber, we cut most of our Green Oak to order using high end sawmilling machinery by highly skilled sawmill operators, all of whom are Trada certified timber graders. Quality is second nature to us. There is also a huge quantity of fresh sawn and air dried oak in stock here in Corby. As one of the few oak sawmills in the UK it is a matter of pride that we are able to turn round even the largest of orders in up to 10 working days - including delivery! 

    Green oak beams are traditionally used for the creation of high end oak structures, to include Oak framed houses, Gazebos, Pergolas, Oak Framed Garages and many more. Our 'Customer Project Gallery' will give you an insight into the projects where we have supplied our high quality Structural Green Oak Beams and perhaps broaden your horizons for this most beautiful of building materials possibilities. 

  • Air Dried Oak Beams

    UK Timber Holds one of the UK's largest stocks of Air dried oak beams. Due to the lengthy natural drying process, air dried beams will have some surface checking, splits, possibly a little sap and may have a few historic boreholes - all of these characteristics make our Air-Dried Oak Beams one of the most popular ways of adding character to a new build or renovation, as well as not detracting from its structural qualities.

    Here at UK Timber Limited, we hold huge stocks of Air-Dried European/English Oak (quercus robur) in all standard and widely used dimensions. In general we can deliver on our own fleet of crane enabled trucks within 10 Working Days!

  • Solid Oak Boards

    Our oak beam and oak post production produces many boards in many dimensions from the edges of the tree. We air-dry and kiln-dry the boards here on site in the Midlands for our oak flooring and oak moulding production, however we generally have a surplus which creates an opportunity for UK Timber customers to buy high quality fresh sawn oak boards, air-dried oak boards and kiln-dried oak boards at a significantly lower price than you would normally pay for this type of material - fresh sawn green oak can be used for all sorts of external or landscaping uses or you can dry them personally for use internally. 

  • Oak Beam Mantels

    Mantel pieces don't only just provide structural support, they're also a statement piece and usually the focal point of your room, it can define your room and we know it is important to get it right - this is why we give you the option to customise your own

    Our Oak Beam Mantels are made to order from partially dried, new untreated oak sleepers and are available in a rough sawn or planed all round (P.A.R) finish. Supplied untreated as standard, you're free to choose an oil that suits your requirements by taking a look at our range of Treatex Hardwax Oils - these hardwax oils are available in various colour tones, finishes and tin sizes.

    As an additional service, if you would like us to oil your mantel piece for you, we can! Our workshop will oil your mantel in a clear gloss, clear matte or clear satin finish; simply add your preference to your basket along with your chosen mantel piece and we'll do the rest for you!

    Are you restoring an old fireplace or do you just love the distressed look/adzed finish? We also offer the following Distressing/Adzing Services: 

    • Small Uniform Adzing - this gives a 'manufactured' look by uniformly distressing the two front edges of your mantel, leaving you with a square edge to go against the wall for firm installation.
    • Random Waney Adzing - this gives you a more natural look. We will randomly distress the two front edges of your mantel, leaving you with a square edge to go against the wall for firm installation.

    Simply add your chosen service to your basket along with a mantel of your choice.

    As our mantels are created from a natural product, each piece will be unique. Made from dried pieces of oak, they will contain surface cracks, splits and knots; there may also be one or two waney edges. As your mantel acclimatises to its surroundings, there may be further surface cracking and splits - adding further character to your beautiful oak mantel piece.

  • Timber Wind Braces

    Bracing is required to withstand the wind pressure on a timber framed structure, so when it comes to that all important additional stability or simply creating a traditional look, our growing range of solid timber bracing can offer you bracing in various options to match and support your framework beautifully.

  • Oak Corbels

    Solid European Oak Corbels - ideal for use with our wide range of solid oak mantels.

  • Custom Cut Oak Beams

    Here at UK Timber, we offer a custom cutting service on a range of products including our Fresh Sawn Green Oak Beams. We can cut beams up to 12500mm lengths and up to 400mm width and thickness, allowing for a customisation to suit your project needs. The custom cut calculator allows you to input your desired dimensions and get a price for the selected beam.

    We also supply air dried oak beams as well as fresh sawn green oak, giving customers the opportunity to select oak based on their needs, whether that is for external or internal usage.