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Structural Timber

Traditional oak framing methods are once again in vogue, UK Timber Ltd operates several sawmills that cut to order in the UK and within the shortest time frame in the industry.

Completed projects from our Midlands based sawmills include many Grand Designs, Historic Stately Homes and smaller home builds the length and breadth of the UK.


Traditional oak framing methods are once again in vogue, UK Timber Ltd operates several sawmills that cut to order in the UK and within the shortest time frame in the industry.

Completed projects from our Midlands based sawmills include many Grand Designs, Historic Stately Homes and smaller home builds the length and breadth of the UK.

Structural beams are cut on site from both Oak and Douglas Fir, both materials have their own specific traits, please call to discuss which will suit your requirements the best.

Our sawyers have decades of experience between them and we can accommodate almost any request in a timely manner and with an eye for both the quality of the material that is being used and the finished product.

Maximum length currently available to order from our huge tree stock is 12.5 metres, another unique offering from UK Timber. Please use the calculators to price your own cutting list or take a look at our stock sizes to see if they can be made to work for your specific project.

Most UK based companies actually import the oak beams that they sell from European countries, primarily France then ship them to the UK according to specified cutting lists and tranship to the customer. At UK Timber Ltd, we bypass that whole process, cutting to order in the UK on site and delivering with our own dedicated vehicles, all of which are fitted with cranes for ease of offloading.

The purchase of oak beams and oak frames is not cheap. Please feel reassured that our expertise and attention to detail coupled with an outstanding, subsidised nationwide delivery service has your every requirement covered. UK Timber Ltd are the right choice of supplier.


Structural Timber 


  • Oak Beams and Boards

    UK Timber is one of the UK's leading stockists of high quality oak beams. We operate nationwide, offering both air dried and fresh sawn oak beams.

    The 2 Types of Tree used for UK Timber Oak Beams

    1. Green Oak Tree

    • A popular building material in England
    • Affords great strength and durability
    • High moisture content
    • Great resistance to decay
    • Requires no chemical treatments
    • Maintenance-free
    • Eco-friendly

    2. Larch Tree

    • Durable
    • Moisture, sun and pest resistant
    • Anti-slip surface and fully reversible
    • Resistant to decay
    • Does not require treatments
    • Universally available
    • Affordable

    Oak Beam Uses

    • Decorative purposes
    • Home structure
    • Roof structure
    • Construction of oak framed buildings
    • Bridges
    • Marine structures

    Oak Beam Sizes

    Our oak beams are available in the following standard sizes:

    Structural Green Oak Beams

    Air Dried Oak Beams

    • 150mm x 150mm
    • 200mm x 150mm
    • 200mm x 200mm
    • 250mm x 150mm
    • 250mm x 250mm
    • 100mm x 100mm
    • 150mm x 150mm
    • 200mm x 75mm
    • 200mm x 150mm
    • 250mm x 150mm
    • 200mm x 200mm
    • 250mm x 250mm

    Douglas Fir / Larch Beams

    • LENGTH: 20-9000 mm
    • WIDTH: 20-350 mm
    • DEPTH: 20-350 mm

    Our Custom Cutting Services

    Our custom milling services can cut Green Oak Beams up to 12.5 metres long. All beams can be cut straight from the tree and in all dimensions. We also offer a planing service for an additional charge using our PAR beam calculator.

    Custom Cut Beams

    • Structural Oak Beams (Air Dried)
    • Structural Oak Beams (Fresh Sawn)
    • Douglas Fir / Larch Beams
    • Structural Oak Beams THB/TH2 (Fresh Sawn)
    • Structural Oak Beams THA/TH1 (Fresh Sawn)
    • Landscaping Rustic Grade Oak

    Custom Cut Beams P.A.R. (Planed All Round)

    • P.A.R Structural Oak Beams (Fresh Sawn)
    • P.A.R Structural Oak Beams (Air Dried)

    Custom Cut Boards

    • Kiln Dried (First)
    • Kiln Dried (Character)
    • Air Dried (Joinery Grade)
    • Air Dried (Joinery First Grade)

    Custom Cut P.A.R. (Planed All Round)

    • P.A.R K/D European Oak (First)
    • P.A.R K/D European Oak (Character)
    • P.A.R Air Dried Oak (Joinery Grade)
    • P.A.R Air Dried Oak (Joinery First Grade)

    (IMPORTANT: When preparing oak beams for delivery, we always try to include a little extra length to be assured that the beam will fit the customer's requirements. If you would like us to crosscut the ends, please let us know when you place your order).

    Oak Beam Finishes

    Our oak beams are available in the following finishes:

    • Freshly cut beams
    • Cleaned
    • Cleaned and waxed
    • Cleaned, sanded and waxed

    Oak Beam Grading Service

    Our oak beams are cut according to the European QP1 standards and the THA or THB standards, as approved by TRADA. We aim to buy from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) acclaimed sources only.

    Different Grades of UK Timber Oak

    Green Structural Oak

    A fresh cut oak that has been clear-cut in the last 3 - 6 months, it is of high moisture content and is prone to shrinkage and movement during the drying process. Also known as falling boards, these oaks are used for all sorts of external and landscaping purposes.

    Air Dried Structural Oak

    This oak dries relatively more slowly compared with other types. Machine-sawn and straight, it can easily be cut into different precise dimensions. Sometimes displaying surface checking, splits, a little sap and a few historic bore holes, these flaws will doubtless add a little character to the finished project.

    QP1 Grade Beams

    These oak beams have a minimum of 3 straight edges with tolerance of a small amount of wane to one edge. They are better utilised in the construction industry and for property renovations.

    Fresh Sawn Vs Air-Dried

    UK Timber offers both air dried and fresh sawn oak beams.

    Here is a comparison of these options:

    Fresh Sawn



    • Adaptable for many various projects
    • Used where some movement and shrinkage is permitted
    • It dries slowly and adjusts naturally
    • Used for framing and restoration
    • Suitable for more sensitive situations
    • The beams are dried in square sections for 1-4 years
    • Appropriate for projects that require an aged aesthetic
  • Construction Timber

    Treated structural graded softwood that is used for construction purposes and for internal building work is known as carcassing timber. 

    UK Timber hold large stocks of both C16 carcassing timber and C24 graded carcassing timber.

    We also supply the landscaping trade with wood chips along with landscaping oak, fencing materials, landscaping screws, new untreated railway sleepers and used/reclaimed railway sleepers among others!

  • Oak Buildings

    Here at UK Timber we are able to provide bespoke and standard oak framed buildings in stock or custom sizes to meet any customer requirements.

  • Tools and Fixings

    Quality Timber Fixings and Tools

    Our range of quality timber fixings and tools is expanding, we hold many landscaping screwsdecking screws and associated fixings as well as a newly introduced range of power tools. We only supply the best quality fixings, it is important for us to know that our materials are being treated properly!

    Timber Titan landscaping screws are perfect for fixing large dimension timber such as sleepers and beams without pre-drilling. Timber Titan decking screws are coated to protect against the corrosive properties of the treatment applied to softwood decking and sleepers and will last for decades.