Structural Timber | Excellent Value Structural Timber to Buy Online - UK Timber
Structural Timber | Excellent Value Structural Timber to Buy Online - UK Timber

Structural Timber

Traditional framing methods have been successfully used in the construction of buildings for a millennia. At UK Timber Limited our Sawyers and TRADA Graders have decades of experience between them, enabling us to accommodate almost any request in the shortest time frame across the industry with an eye for both the quality of the material that is being used and the finished product.

We’ve supplied the machined timber for use in many structural applications including 'Grand Designs' projects, historic stately homes and smaller home builds the length and breadth of the UK - Our Customer Projects Gallery will give you an overall view of the services and products that we can offer you.

All of our structural timber is cut on site from both Oak and Douglas Fir, both materials offering their own specific traits; please feel free to contact our knowledgeable Sales Team to discuss which will suit your requirements the best and for advice that you can rely on.


  • Oak Beams and Boards

    UK Timber is one of the UK's leading stockists of high quality oak beams and oak boards.

    We operate nationwide, offering both Air-Dried and Fresh Sawn Oak Beams, as well as Fresh Sawn Oak Boards, Air Dried Oak Boards and Kiln-Dried Oak Boards.

    We use Green English/European Oak for our beams and boards, a popular building material throughout England, as it affords great strength and durability, has a high moisture content and offers great resistance to decay whilst requiring no chemical treatments. All of this as well as being maintenance free and eco-friendly.

    Fresh Sawn (Green Oak) VS Air-Dried VS Kiln-Dried

    Here is a comparison of our Oak Beam and Oak Board options: 

    Fresh Sawn Air-Dried Kiln-Dried
    Adaptable for many various projects Used for framing and restoration For internal use
    Used where some movement and shrinkage is permitted Suitable for more sensitive situations Kiln drying allows the timber to dry uniformly and to the precise moisture content required
    It dries slowly and adjusts naturally The beams are dried in square sections for 1-4 years Can be machined to a more superior finish
    Appropriate for projects that require an aged aesthetic Minimal acclimitisation required
    Suitable for finishing immediately

    We custom cut the following Oak Beams and Boards:

    • Structural Green Oak Beams (Fresh Sawn)
    • Structural Green Oak Beams (Air-Dried)
    • Structural Green Oak Beams THB/TH2 (Fresh Sawn)
    • Structural Green Oak Beams THA/TH1 (Fresh Sawn)
    • Landscaping Rustic Grade Oak
    • Kiln Dried Oak Boards (First)
    • Kiln Dried Oak Boards (Character)
    • Air Dried Oak Boards (Joinery Grade)
    • Air Dried Oak Boards (Joinery First Grade)

    We P.A.R (Plane All Round) the following Oak Beams and Boards:

    • P.A.R Structural Green Oak Beams (Fresh Sawn)
    • P.A.R Structural Green Oak Beams (Air-Dried)
    • P.A.R Kiln Dried European Oak Boards (First)
    • P.A.R Kiln Dried European Oak Boards (Character)
    • P.A.R Air-Dried Oak Boards (Joinery Grade)
    • P.A.R Air-Dried Oak Boards (Joinery First Grade)

    If you're still unsure as to what would be more suitable for your project, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable Sales Team on 01536 267 107 to discuss which will suit your requirements the best.

  • Construction Timber

    UK Timber stocks and supplies a wide range of construction timber suitable for a vast array of structural applications.

    We also supply various other timbers and components for use alongside our construction timbers, such as decking supplieswood screws and pergola components.

  • Oak Buildings

    Here at UK Timber we are able to provide bespoke and standard oak framed buildings in stock or custom sizes to meet any customer requirements.

  • Tools and Fixings

    You've bought the timber for your project and now you need the tools and fixings to get the job done. Here at UK Timber our range of high quality timber fixings and tools are enough to get any project off the ground. We stock and supply a range of landscaping screwsdecking screws and galvanised nails and staples in various lengths, metals and box sizes.

    It's important for us to know that you have the right tools and fixings for your timber, so that ultimately you get the very best result.

  • Treatments

    Here at UK Timber we offer a variety of treatment options to allow your wood to last longer and stronger, whilst allowing you to custom cut it to your preference. These treatments are picked specially by our team to work in conjunction with the products that we offer to give you a close match and premium quality. 

    We offer a range of colours and finishes perfect for decking, treated timber such as C16 and much more. 

    You can give our sales team a call at 01536267107 if you would like more information on what treatment would work best for your product. 

Our Custom
Cutting Service

Here at UK Timber Limited we have avast range of stock sizes that may be suitable for your requirements, however if you are unable to find the size that fits your project, you can take full advantage of our Custom Cutting Service, a service that gives you the ability to order up to 12.5 metres in length from our huge stock of trees! We operate several sawmills enabling us to offer a unique service that will allow all of our customers to custom cut to size their own pieces of timber enabling them to price their own cutting list. Our simple calculator will allow you to enter in your specified dimensions in which a price will be calculated for each piece along with a total line cost.

We also offer a planing service for an additional charge using our PAR Beam Calculator.Please feel free to contact us on 01536 267 107 should you require some guidance on using our calculators.

Please note: We do not offer standard section sizes for Softwood Beams. Please visit our Custom Cutting Calculator where you will be able to enter your specific dimensions in which a price will then be calculated for you.

We understand that the purchase of structural timber is not cheap. Please feel reassured that our expertise and attention to detail coupled with an outstanding, subsidised nationwide delivery service has your every requirement covered. UK Timber Ltd are the right choice of supplier.