Fuels | Excellent Value Fuels to Buy Online from UK Timber
Fuels | Excellent Value Fuels to Buy Online from UK Timber


UK Timber has developed into a fuel supplier in its own right, producing our own range of fuels, firelighters and kindling. From wood briquettes made from virgin material and kiln dried hardwood firewood, to our own brand of Ecofire natural firelighters and premium kiln dried kindling, you can be assured that we understand the science behind creating an easy to light fire with a long burn time.

Available in single-use quantities and in bulk, with free nationwide delivery across many of our products.


  • Firewood

    UK Timber carry a huge variety of kiln dried firewood. All of which is processed and dried in the Midlands using a biomass boiler and solar energy - our firewood logs are a truly renewable fuel. 

    Various species such as Ash, Oak, Beech and Mixed Hardwoods can be selected, along with a range of African Braai wood. 

    Packaging methods include: Large builders bags, Crates in many sizes, nets, recycled plastic bags and large cash and carry garden waste bags. Our packaging styles suit different available storage spaces and are filled with the same high quality kiln dried logs. 

  • Wood Briquettes - Heat...

    UK Timber manufacture an extensive range of wood briquettes, we are famous for our Hotrods and Hotbrix but it doesn't end there. Our range includes Briteburn High Density Pini Kay heatlogs, Hazelnut Shell Heatlogs, Briteburn Nestro eco logs and a new addition Nightrods overnight briquettes. Wood briquettes are an almost unbeatable renewable heat source. UK Timber produce hardwood oak briquettes from virgin wood, free from contaminants from our own sawmill process. No glue, no binders, almost zero ash! 

  • BBQ, Pizza Oven, Braai

    Our range of BBQ, Pizza Oven and Braai fuel comes directly from our sawmill and trees, perfect for lighting pizza ovens (both residential and those used by business' such as restaurants and caterers). Affordable fuels for chimneas, coal fires and charcoal barbecues alike, whilst being effective in their use. 

    Buy in bulk for FREE DELIVERY* nationwide or have these delivered in conjunction with other products from our website

    Speak to our sales team at 01536 267107 or via our live chat for further information. 

    *not including the Highlands where further charges may apply.

  • Smokeless Fuels

    Here at UK Timber, we offer you a complete range of smokeless fuels including all the household names. We have everything you need for keeping a stove or room heater going through the colder evenings.

  • Firestarters

    Here at UK Timber we offer a range of firelighters and kindling to accompany our wide selection of fuels. From natural firelighters to matches, we have all you need to get your fire started quickly with great ease. Suitable for use with our extensive range of firewood and briquettes. 

  • Log Storage

    It is of the utmost importance to ensure that your wood reserves are protected so that you always have dry wood available for your fire. Being one of the UK's largest suppliers of fuel, we have developed our own range of log storage to compliment our vast range of fuels.

  • Wood Pellets

    Premium quality softwood pellets made from 100% wood, suitable for horse bedding as well as heating. 

    Environmentally friendly with quick activation and mess free. 

    Speak to our sales team at 01536 267107 or via our live chat for more information.