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UK Timber Ltd has developed into a fuel supplier in its own right. We import and produce our own range of Wood Briquettes and process our air dried oak off-cuts into a super low moisture content, seriously dense, high heat output firewood for use in multi-fuel stoves, open fires and boilers.

Namibian firewood is shipped in via Capetown, South Africa - the logs contain 0-1% moisture and are super high density giving a log that is easy to light and will last a long, long time.

We also sell high quality kiln dried firewood that has been dried in a kiln to around 18% moisture content to guarantee the same performance and consistency each time your fire is lit, it is a favourite with grill chefs and pizza parlours also.

As part of a group of companies that includes possibly the largest independent coal merchant in the UK we supply almost all coals and solid fuels on a nationwide basis at probably the lowest prices in the industry!


  • Firewood

    UK Timber processes Oak for firewood and allows it to season during the summer for use during the winter season. Dry Oak is commonly accepted to be the very best firewood available.

  • Wood Briquettes

    Compressed bio-wood or eco log briquettes, these compressed sawdust logs are sometimes called heat logs and are a highly efficient, clean renewable energy source.

  • Firestarters

    To go along with our selection of fuels, we also provide a range of firelighters and kindling to help get your fire started.

  • Coal and Smokeless Fuels

    Here at UK Timber we offer you a complete range of coals and smokeless fuels including all the household names. These products are perfect for keeping a stove or room heater going.