Railway Sleepers | Excellent Value Railway Sleepers to Buy Online - UK Timber
Railway Sleepers | Excellent Value Railway Sleepers to Buy Online - UK Timber

Railway Sleepers

UK Timber are proud to produce and stock the most comprehensive range of railway and landscaping sleepers in the UK. We supply both softwood and hardwood sleepers, both treated and untreated, as well as new and reclaimed railway sleepers - our range of sleepers provide effective solutions for all landscaping projects.

In addition to the multitude of timber species and vast array of sizes we also machine profiled sleepers on site here in the Midlands enabling the selection of various planed, planed and bevelled, tongue and groove, log lap finishes to all new sleeper selections. 

Another unique feature is our nationwide crane delivery service, so regardless of where you are, we can deliver to you a handful of sleepers or as many as full arctic loads. 

Without a doubt, we feel that we offer the most complete range of sleeper products and services in the UK!


  • New Untreated Railway...

    New Untreated Railway Sleepers, also known as landscaping sleepers, are perfect for all landscaping and garden construction purposes. These most versatile of landscaping materials are perfect for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as ponds, raised flowerbeds and playgrounds.

    Please explore the machined, planed and profiled options that UK Timber offer, it is one of the unique aspects of our business. It's our intention to enable every garden project from concept to completion whilst minimising the required work for our customers. 

    Our vast range of new untreated sleepers are available in various lengths and section sizes, cut from various softwood and hardwood species including Oak, Eucalyptus, Azobe/Ekki, Siberian Larch and English Larch/Douglas Fir - all Delivered Nationwide on Self Offloading Crane Vehicles!

  • New Eco-Treated...

    Eco-treated softwood railway sleepers and work perfectly in all gardening and landscaping settings. They are usually straight edged with a small tolerance for wane (rounded edge). Perfect for creating raised beds, sandpits and for all garden and waterside uses. The treatment used is known to last on average around 20 years! Our most popular new landscaping, garden sleeper.

  • Contemporary...

    We have a wide selection of railway sleepers to suit almost every requirement. In this section, you will find log lap sleepers, moulded and machined sleepers and other types of railway sleepers which are suitable for interiors as well as exteriors. We also have a selection of planed all round railway sleepers that we can virtually guarantee to be free of splinters.

  • Reclaimed Creosoted...

    Used, reclaimed railway sleepers are ideal for building retaining walls, storage bays, path edgings, and countless other garden or agricultural uses. A cost effective, long lasting chunky piece of reclaimed timber! Used railway sleepers are one of our most popular products. Please remember that creosote can be harmful to skin and should not be used in frequent skin contact areas. Gloves must be worn when handling creosoted timber products.

  • Reclaimed Untreated...

    Untreated used railway sleepers are perfect for use in all sensitive, frequent use areas where traditional creosoted sleepers are not acceptable. Perfect for building raised beds, soil retention and use in and around water courses. Used untreated railway sleepers offer a cheaper, more environmentally responsible alternative to newer and more costly timbers.

  • Reclaimed Crossing...

    Used, reclaimed crossing timbers are large section railway sleepers that were used to span bridges and points where the tracks cross, they are mostly made from hardwoods which may include oak and beech in Europe and in varying longer lengths.

  • Railway Sleeper Pallets

    This cateory contains our pre-packed, ready to ship sleepers with free delivery.

  • Railway Sleeper Fixings