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Predominately Oak, our range of firewood are available in various single and bulk sizes to fuel those colder winter evenings. Dry Oak firewood logs for fuel are commonly accepted as one of the very best forms of firewood available.

Here at UK Timber, we offer an extensive range of Unseasoned, Seasoned and Kiln Dried Firewood logs to provide you with hours of heat.


  • Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

    Seasoned Hardwood firewood logs are one of the very best firewood options for open fires, wood-burning stoves and chimineas. The wood logs have been seasoned throughout the summer months for immediate use during the winter season. Season firewood logs, also known as air dried firewood is incredibly long lasting and easy to light.

  • Kiln Dried Hardwood Firewood

    Due to their consistent low moisture content, Kiln Dried Logs are one of the most popular types of firewood available on the market. With an 18%-25% moisture content, Kiln-Dried wood generates a consistent high heat output with a slow, efficient burn time. Perfect for immediate use to fuel your fire during the colder evenings.

  • Sawmill Offcuts

    We supply economy firewood as a byproduct from our onsite sawmilling process. Bulk Bags of sawmill offcuts are available in both seasoned wood; perfect for immediate use and unseasoned timber, that may need to be stored and dried prior to use.

    Sawmill offcuts provide an incredibly affordable alternative to the traditional firewood logs, that will still produce a long and hot burn. An ideal fuel for log burners, open fires and multi-fuel stoves. 

  • African Firewood

    Baked by the African sun to a moisture content between 0-1% African Firewood has the lowest moisture content of firewood logs available.  African Logs provide an incredibly intense, long-lasting heat for your fire as a result of the extremely dense and highly calorific properties of this wood. Traditionally used for cooking on the braai, these firewood logs are suitable for use on a range of burning appliances.