Firewood | Excellent Value Firewood to Buy Online from UK Timber
Firewood | Excellent Value Firewood to Buy Online from UK Timber


UK Timber carry a huge variety of kiln dried firewood. All of which is processed and dried in the Midlands using a biomass boiler and solar energy - our firewood logs are a truly renewable fuel. 

Various species such as Ash, Oak, Beech and Mixed Hardwoods can be selected, along with a range of African Braai wood. 

Packaging methods include: Large builders bags, Crates in many sizes, nets, recycled plastic bags and large cash and carry garden waste bags. Our packaging styles suit different available storage spaces and are filled with the same high quality kiln dried logs. 


  • Kiln Dried Oak Firewood

    Kiln Dried Oak Firewood has high temperature output with long burning time due to its hardwood properties and lack of internal moisture. These are all below 20% in moisture content, offering exceptional heat that cannot be compared to other firewood logs available on the market. Available in crates (which can be used as kindling!) as well as bags for ease of storage. 

  • Kiln Dried Mixed...

    Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood is one of the most popular firewoods available in the market due to its consistent low moisture content below 20%, meaning it is efficient at a high heat whilst increasing its burn time. These firewood logs are great for use in those cold winter nights to keep you warm for long periods to save money on fuel and heating. Available in crates (which can be broken down for kindling!) or bags for ease of storage all year round!

  • Kiln Dried Ash Firewood

    Kiln Dried Ash Firewood Logs are a high quality hardwood with an effective heat output that is similar to that of Oak at a cheaper price point. Available in crates (that can be broken down into kindling) or bags for easier storage throughout the year.

  • African Braai Wood

    Baked by the African sun to a moisture content between 0-1% African Firewood has the lowest moisture content of firewood logs available.  African Logs provide an incredibly intense, long-lasting heat for your fire as a result of the extremely dense and highly calorific properties of this wood. Traditionally used for cooking on the braai, these firewood logs are suitable for use on a range of burning appliances.