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British Larch/Douglas Fir

British Larch/Douglas Fir has striking colour variations from pinks, browns to creams depending on which part of the tree it is cut. There are some dark brown knots that can loosen as the wood dries, this occasionally results in resin patches that may ooze a little at first and sometimes during subsequent hot summers. If left untreated larch cladding fades to a silvery grey over a period of time and as nature does its work.

As well as being a very strong and very hard-wearing wood, due to its super high resin content, English Larch can prove to be twice as durable as common pine. Highly suitable for cladding buildings in a traditional style and offers a cost-effective alternative to our oak cladding options.

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  • £ 12.50
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    Strong and hardwearing, our English Larch/Douglas Fir Featheredge Cladding is a cost effective choice for exterior cladding with its striking colour variations and durability. Strong and hardwearing, our English...

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    Strong and hardwearing, our Rebated English Larch/Douglas Fir Featheredge Cladding is a cost effective choice for exterior cladding with its striking colour variations and durability. Strong and hardwearing, our Rebated...

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  • £ 28.00
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    Our carefully machined English Larch/Douglas Fir Half Lap Cladding is the perfect choice should you require a clean linear appearance, impeccable weather protection and a cost effective alternative to our oak claddings. 142mm x 25mm (Visible Face 132mm) Our carefully machined English...

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  • £ 25.25
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    Our precisely machined English Larch/Douglas Fir Shiplap Cladding is perfect should you require first-rate protection from the elements, as well as a truly unique finish. 142mm x 20mm (Visible Face 132mm) 142mm x 25mm (Visible Face 132mm) Our precisely machined English...

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    Waney-edge cladding is very traditional. It is created by overlapping boards cut through and through straight from the tree. Waney-edge cladding is very...

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    Our English Larch/Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove Cladding is the ideal choice should you require that traditional 'T&G' look to your cladding project, along with the natural durability and stunning grain of English Larch/Douglas Fir, impeccable weather protection and a cost effective alternative to our oak claddings. 142mm x 20mm (Visible Face 132mm) Our English Larch/Douglas Fir Tongue...

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    Require set lengths for your cladding order? Choose one of the two options in the drop down box on the right hand side of the product page-Up to 3500mm = £4 ex VAT  Over 3500mm = £8 ex VAT PLEASE BE AWARE YOU NEED TO ADD 1 QUANTITY FOR EVERY SQUARE METER OF CLADDING YOU'RE PURCHASING, NOT 1 QUANTITY PER LENGTH Require set lengths for your cladding...

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