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Single Box of Ecofire HotRods
Single Box of Ecofire HotRods
Single Box of Ecofire HotRods
Single Box of Ecofire HotRods

Single Box of Ecofire HotRods


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Ecofire Boxed HotRods are our premium mechanically pressed briquettes that are extremely dense and highly calorific, every part of the briquette and packaging can be utilised and burned! Available in convenient, easy-to-handle cardboard boxes.

  • 6 HotRods per approx 10kg box 
  • Calorific value: 19.627 MJ/Kg
  • Estimated burning time: 30-40 minutes 
  • Burnable cardboard boxes making it a carbon negative product

Free delivery is available on orders of £99 and over, this can be mixed and matched across our range.

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Following on from the success of our large and extra large bulk builders bags of random length highly calorific Ecofire HotRods Briquettes, we are pleased to introduce our new, premium packaged version of the same briquettes. Ecofire HotRods are mechanically pressed briquettes that are very dense and highly calorific, every part of the briquette and packaging can be utilised and burned!

They are made almost exclusively from oak with a little larch mixed in to help with the natural binding process - no chemicals or other additives are used in this process, these briquettes are the most ecologically sound means of heating your home and are completely carbon-neutral.

When burning our briquettes please remember that to achieve maximum burn time and effective heat output they should be left alone once burning, do not poke the fire, or burn time will reduce. The briquettes will expand naturally once alight (exposing each piston stroke from the mechanical production process) so it is best to start the fire with a moderate amount of briquettes to allow for expansion and then marvel at how such a small amount of this superb briquette can produce so much heat.

The briquettes are approximately 25-30 cm long and 8 cm round. You will need to break them however, into smaller pieces as they expand quite a lot when they heat up. The estimated burning time is 30-40 minutes and their calorific value is 19.627 MJ/Kg.  There are 6 HotRods briquettes per box. 

You will find that the Ecofire briquettes burn with a hugely pleasant flame, to begin with, which then changes to a highly efficient and calorific glow phase once the flames have disappeared. If burnt in a stove with properly controlled airflow these briquettes can throw out huge amounts of heat for hours.

Advantages of our boxed option over our bulk bag offerings:

  • Lightweight; only ~10kg per box making it easy to handle.
  • Being in small boxes, it only required you to handle a single box at a time for use with fire over managing a large bulk bag.
  • Made from eco-friendly cardboard, the boxes can simply be burned when empty alongside the briquettes leaving less waste to deal with.
  • Being a box with square corners, stacking and storing is a breeze. You can store the same amount of briquettes in less space compared to loosely stacked alternatives.

This listing is for a single ~10kg box, although we also supply pallets of 48, 72, and 96 boxes, as well as bulk bags (see below).

If you have any questions regarding our products or services, give us a call at 01536 267107 or email us at

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