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Top sellers

Wood Briquettes

Here at UK Timber, we supply an extensive range of wood briquettes, providing a clean and cost effective alternative to using seasoned or kiln dried firewood logs. Compressed bio-wood or eco log briquettes; these mechanically pressed, sawdust logs often referred to as 'heat logs', are a highly efficient and clean renewable energy source.


  • Ecofire RUF Briquettes

    Our Ecofire RUF Briquettes are hydraulically pressed to create an incredibly dense, very dry and long lasting heat log. Perfect for immediate use in chimineas, open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

    Unlike ordinary firewood logs that produce less heat until all the moisture has evaporated, these superb wood briquettes produce heat almost instantly due to the exceptionally low moisture content. 

  • Ecofire HotRod

    Ecofire Hotrod Briquettes are mechanically pressed, creating a very dense and highly calorific heat log that is perfect for immediate use on most fire appliances. Made almost exclusively from Oak with a little Larch combined to help with the natural binding process of compressing these briquettes. No chemicals or other additives are used in the process.

    Every part of the briquette and packaging can be utilised and burned, creating a zero-waste alternative to wood logs, that will provide your home with hours of heat.

  • Bulk Bags

    Our mechanically pressed briquettes are also available in bulk bags in various sizes.

    These heat logs are incredibly dense, long lasting and very dry, producing heat almost instantly due to the low moisture content. Perfect for immediate use in chimineas, open fires and multi-fuel stoves.

  • Ecofire Superflare

    Produced to the highest standard from a mixture of virgin hard and softwood shavings and sawdust.  With a representative moisture content of 10%, these fuel logs offer an extremely high heat output with an incredibly long burn time. Simply a clean and cost-effective alternative to using seasoned or kiln dried logs.

  • Ecofire High Density

    Our Heatlogs are a high density hardwood briquette, that is compressed at a high temperature without the use of artificial binding agents. Creating a briquette with zero ash and an a low moisture content. These heat logs are incredibly dry, long lasting and easy to light.