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Wood Briquettes

Compressed bio-wood or eco log briquettes, these compressed sawdust logs are sometimes called heat logs and are a highly efficient, clean renewable energy source.


  • Ecofire RUF Briquettes

    Our Ecofire RUF Briquettes are perfect for use in chimneasopen fires and multi-fuel stoves.

    These high quality hydraulically pressed briquettes are incredibly densevery long lasting and very dry.

    Ordinary firewood logs produce less heat until all the moisture is evaporated from the log, with these superb wood briquettes heat is produced ALMOST INSTANTLY due to the ultra-low moisture content!

  • Ecofire HotRod

    Ecofire branded wood briquettes to keep your home warm such cold winter evenings.

  • Bulk Bags

    Our mechanically pressed briquettes are also offered in bulk bags in various sizes. 

  • Ecofire Superflare
  • Ecofire High Density