Say Hello to the UK’s First Eucalyptus Sleepers!

Say Hello to the UK’s First Eucalyptus Sleepers!


UK Timber are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of a brand-new timber product being added to our ever-growing sleeper family.

In the coming weeks, we will be stocking Eucalyptus hardwood timber railway sleepers, being the only supplier in the UK!

There are some great qualities that come with Eucalyptus timber, from its quality, sustainability, and colour to name just a few. Check out how this unique timber can take your project from good to great!


Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus is the most planted tree in the world. Growing to heights of over 200 feet, and with more than 700 species, Eucalyptus plantations cover at least 12 million acres across the world.

Impressively, Eucalyptus is one of the most eco-friendly timbers to construct with due to its fast-growing tendencies, taking less than ten years to reach maturity.


Why you should consider Eucalyptus

Despite the speed of growth, there is absolutely nothing lost from any other hardwood qualities of more traditionally used slower growing timber, so construction quality is still second to none.

Along with being much denser than most North American woods, particularly in water, Eucalyptus is more consistent and efficient in quality from its shape, having extraordinarily little taper over longer lengths, setting it apart from other timbers as a great choice for building longer lasting and durable structures.

The natural oils in Eucalyptus contain insect, water, and moisture-repelling properties, protecting the timber from rot and decay. A small structure should last to an impressive 25 years on average, further adding to the reason it is becoming a more popular choice.

Another huge benefit also comes from the cost, with Eucalyptus selling at a much cheaper rate than the likes of its counterparts’ teak and mahogany, further adding to its appeal for customers.


What Eucalyptus is best used for

Being a hardwood species, Eucalyptus timber can be used for a multitude of larger construction projects, to smaller decorative landscaping features. The most popular choice is landscaping, including garden structures, including large gazebos, family sized seating areas and large planters.

Eucalyptus has amazing machining qualities, with the ability to sand down into an almost polished surface. It also absorbs stains evenly, making light work of any project it is involved in. As a result of these impressive elements, the timber is ideal for so many features inside the home too, including all shapes and sizes of flooring, staircases, wall panelling and anything required to be custom cut.

Eucalyptus wood’s durability is also unmatched as a building material, becoming more and more popular with larger structural designs, such as waterparks and zoos, not only for its durability and efficient qualities underwater, but also to create a natural, eco-friendly setting. 

This sustainable, versatile, beautiful, and reliable timber is guaranteed to be perfect for your next project, big or small. Look out for further launch information on our website and across our social media channels to be among the first to try out this fantastic new addition to our sleeper range.