Why is Oak Wood Good for Flooring?

Why is Oak Wood Good for Flooring?

Wood flooring was relatively rare in the 15th and 16th centuries, as it involved a costly and laborious process, but in the 17th Century, many wood floors were installed in grand houses. It was more than a stylish statement back then; wood flooring demanded substantial labour by the most talented craftsmen. Jump forward to the late 18th Century and machinery was used to help plane timber; however, it wasn’t until the Victorian period until oak flooring really took off, and you could argue that its popularity has been rising ever since.


Oak flooring is recognised as one of the finest flooring types because of its resistance to wear. Whether you need a robust floor for your high traffic areas or require boards that are resistant to fungal and insect attacks, oak can deliver the strength and durability you need. There are plenty of added benefits too.


“It only gets better with age”


If you’ve visited a wood flooring shop, you’ll have probably heard this line before, but it is a significant advantage, giving oak the edge over other forms of flooring. How many carpets, laminate or stone tiled flooring products get better with age? None. Oak genuinely develops more character with every year. If you’ve seen reclaimed oak that’s over 200 years old, you’ll notice the colour is rich, perhaps taking on more amber tones which add warmth to a room.


Attractive grain adds depth and style


Oak delivers a beautiful grain that’s perfect for flooring. You’re guaranteed a unique personality that can help define the look of a room, adding complementary or contrasting textures. Put simply; oak is a fine choice if you’re looking for rich, intriguing and subtle colours.


Easy to clean and maintain


Whether you prefer to use a brush or a vacuum cleaner, oak is very easy to clean daily. For spillages in areas such as kitchens and dining rooms, you can wash the floor with diluted soap using a floor cloth, a mop or a sponge mop. You can also re-sand oak flooring if it did start to become scuffed, stained or grubby — so it’s highly versatile.


Excellent acoustics


If you’re looking to improve the acoustics in your home, then oak flooring will not disappoint. When installed correctly, the boards will reduce hollow sounds and vibrations, which is why you often find oak in many gym halls and dance studios.




Oak flooring may not be as expensive as you think. At UK Timber, we provide a wide range of oak flooring products at competitive rates. You will discover three grades:


  • Prime grade — A flawless contemporary appearance.
  • Character grade — A classic yet rustic personality.
  • Barn grade — Exceptional character with many imperfections, allowing you to cover large areas cheaply.


You can discover more advantages of our oak flooring on our website, but should you need any help or assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team here.