Why Are Feather Edge Boards so Popular?

Why Are Feather Edge Boards so Popular?

Feather edge boards (also known as close board, shiplap or featheredge fencing) are versatile, robust and perfectly suited for residential applications, providing a timeless appearance.

As one of the most popular forms of fencing in the UK, feather edge boards are positioned vertically, with each one overlapping the one beside it, creating tidy lengths of fencing wherever you need it. One of the key benefits of featheredge fencing is that both you and your neighbour can enjoy the “nice side” because both sides are identical, and each side can be further treated to your liking if required.

So the question is… why are featheredge boards so popular?


  •          The closed design that’s created by overlapping the boards minimises gaps when installed correctly.
  •          They bring structure, style and character to gardens and other outdoor spaces.
  •          They are strong, secure and difficult to climb, providing exceptional protection against intruders.
  •          Feather edge fence boards delivers a natural backdrop to your garden complementing the gorgeous hues of  surrounding, trees, shrubs and plants.
  •          These boards are versatile enough to suit modern and traditional homes.
  •          With outstanding durability, you’ll not have to worry about upgrading your fencing every several years.
  •          These fences can be constructed quickly and easily.


Board thickness is key to durability

This next statement will depend on the supplier you choose, however, generally feather edge boards last longer than other fencing types because they are made of thick wooden slats. For example, at UK Timber, we supply a wide range of featheredge boards cut from freshly sawn, character grade oak. These boards are ex 22mm, so approximately 16mm reducing to 4mm at the feather. In addition to thick boards, you also need high quality, chunky fence posts to maximise strength, durability and resilience — standing up to strong winds all year round. Concrete should also be correctly mixed, so that the fence posts set into the ground deep enough to be snug and secure, supporting the boards.


A keen eye for quality timber

With almost every fence type, the key to success is choosing high-quality timber that will serve you well for decades to come. UK Timber operates several sawmills within the UK, bringing you a huge range of high quality domestic and European timber products, including featheredge boards. Our full range of treated softwood fencing is milled primarily from English softwood that normally travels less than 50 miles to one of our mills and is then treated on-site before being delivered to your door. We’re committed to encouraging responsible forestry wherever possible, and we try to source from FSC or PEFC accredited sources.

If you’d like to source quality fencing that comes from a leading reputable environmentally conscious company, we can meet your needs. With a nationwide crane delivery service, we deliver our products (regardless of size) across the length and breadth of the UK in the most efficient and cost-effective way. To learn more about our fencing or other timber products, please call our team today or get in touch using our live chat feature.