Flooring with Personality: How Tavern Grade Oak Floorboards Will Add Character to Your Home

Flooring with Personality: How Tavern Grade Oak Floorboards Will Add Character to Your Home

Tavern Grade Solid Oak Flooring, also known as Barn Grade or Pub Grade, is characterised by the highest number of large knots, burrs, colour streaks, shakes, cracks, and holes. If a character-full aesthetic is what you want out of your flooring, look no further.

UK Timber Ltd are one of the few oak flooring manufacturers in the UK and we are delighted to tell you that in response to customer demand we are adding to our extensive portfolio.

Here is why you can benefit from Tavern Grade in your home…


Our beautifully machined Tavern Grade Floorboards often appear darker than character grade and select grade oak floors, simply because they have more knots and burrs.

These floorboards are ideal for rooms where you require maximum character. Predominantly used in cottages, barns and pubs, this flooring is perfect for high traffic areas, as the more wear it gets, the better it looks!


In terms of durability, there is no difference between any of the unfinished, solid oak flooring grades we supply. You will always get the best quality oak possible, and your decision on which grade to use should be made purely on which grade best suits your setting.

Ease of fitting

Available in a variety of widths to allow you to achieve your desired finish, our oak floorboards are supplied in a tongue and grooved all round, finish and will be fully end matched to create a seamless finish across your project. Unlike floorboards with cross-cut ends, these ends-matched boards simply click together without the need to select/cut boards to ensure that the ends land on a joist, this ultimately will save you both money and time!

These boards have been machined but will need to be sanded on site before treatment, to exactly the finish you choose.

Bespoke and unique product

Our Tavern Grade Oak Floorboards are completely bespoke to each customer and machined to order. Everything about our solid oak flooring is unique. We keep production inhouse from the moment the tree arrives through to its final form, allowing us to select only the best floorboards for each customer. They are supplied machined, ready for sanding once in position.


Treatex Hardwax Oils will give your floorboards a stunning finish and the protection it requires. Place an order with your floorboards today!

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