A Cladding Profile (Quite Literally) Like No Other

A Cladding Profile (Quite Literally) Like No Other

A Cladding Profile (Quite Literally) Like No Other

We recently launched the first ever Siberian Larch Tongue and Groove Ends Matched Cladding back in September and the uptake has been incredible! It is great to hear that we have helped you save money, cut down on waste and installation time – three key aspects of any DIY project.

Siberian Larch Tongue and Groove Ends Matched Cladding are the only timber of this type and finish on the market to date, something we are very proud of. Take a look below at what this beautiful timber can add to your next home improvements venture…

  • There is no need to cut your boards to the match the lengths between your battens. The tongue and groove edging will simply slot into place, allowing you to screw your board onto the batten at any point on your neighbouring board
  • You can place joints where they fall, instead of on the stud, allowing you to finish the job more quickly without sacrificing on quality
  • This cladding is an ideal choice for that traditional 'T&G' look to your cladding project, speedier fixing times, along with the natural durability and stunning grain of Siberian Larch
  • Naturally, Siberian Larch offers stability, durability, and a truly stunning grain, so much so there are few better choices than this very slow grown, incredibly dense softwood
  • With Siberian Larch, you'll almost be getting the abilities of oak at softwood prices. Due to its high resin content, it is one of the most naturally hardy of the softwood species, as well as being highly durable without any treatment
  • Our Siberian Larch is ideal for use in both internal and external applications, being kiln dried to an 18% moisture content
  • UK Timber provide ready to fix boards available in two options, first grade and unsorted:
  • First grade is sorted to include only the clearest (most knot free) boards with the straightest grain possible. A perfect choice for all modern and contemporary applications
  • Unsorted will have a mixture of grades 1 to 4 - some clear of knots and some straight grain, others with knots and some sloping grain. A perfect choice for more traditional, rustic applications, it gives a less uniformed look, without compromising its excellent durability properties
  • A subtle 'V' shadow line accentuates the individual boards, created along the joints from the fixing, leaving a streamlined textured finish
  • Dependent on your style, they can also be fitted either horizontally or vertically

If that’s not enough to make you want to check out our size range here and see how ends matched cladding can save you money and add huge amounts of value and style to your project, then we don’t know what is!

Still unsure? We offer up to two samples of our cladding boards for a £5 inc. VAT postage charge (refundable if you choose to order with us).

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