Get more bang for your buck with our new Azobe/Ekki Sleepers

Get more bang for your buck with our new Azobe/Ekki Sleepers

The newest addition to our ever-growing sleeper family is leading the way in quality and value to money. What’s more, our Azobe/Ekki Sleepers are truly one of a kind, and here’s why…

- Azobe/Ekki timber is well known for being incredibly strong, heavy, hard and naturally durable, so is perfect for a multitude of projects, big or small
- Made from tropical hardwood that grow in the swamps and rainforests on the cost of West Africa, our sleepers are seven times the strength of oak
- The rich red colour is unique to this timber and, along with the good finishing surface, is very aesthetically pleasing, adding a premium look to any garden or project
- The wood grains are interlocked, making it incredibly hard to split, therefore reliable from the get-go
- Naturally resistant to both insect and fungal attack and weathering, there is no need to use harsh protective chemicals on your sleepers, saving time and money

Why you need Azobe/Ekki Sleepers

Because of its strength, it is quite often the timber of choice for heavy construction projects and is ideal for using to build bridges, decking, piling, fenders, lock gates, railway sleepers and flooring, to name just a few. So, whatever your project, big or small, pretty or functional, our Azobe/Ekki Sleepers have you covered.

Did you know?

- Sniffing the bark of the Azobe/Ekki tree is used as a traditional method of treating headaches
- It’s one of very few timbers that will sink, weighing approx. 65 lbs per cubic foot (oak is around 47 lbs!)
- The Azobe/Ekki tree is considered to be a vulnerable species due to a population reduction of over 20% in the past three generations, caused by a decline in its natural range, and exploitation. So, this rare find and will make your garden only a few of its kind and will really stand out from the crowd

Take a look at our Azobe/Ekki Sleepers today and see how they can transform your garden.