What Are Feather Edge Boards?

What Are Feather Edge Boards?

Feather edge boards, also known as closeboard fencing, consist of single boards placed vertically with each board overlapping the one beside it.


With feather edge boards you can easily create fences on uneven surfaces. For example, if you have a garden on an incline, you can use gravel boards and posts to trace the gradient — and feather edge boards can be fitted to follow the required angle.


Due to the fact that these boards include one side that is thicker, they gradually narrow to a finer thickness, creating a neat and tidy finish. This isn’t just for appearance; it helps to create a structure that retains excellent strength and upstands heavy winds. Typically, these boards have a height of 1.8 meters. When placed vertically, these boards produce a sturdy fence that offers excellent privacy, yet the lack of gaps between the boards can also improve safety in your garden, ensuring your pets don't run through the fence into the road.


Both sides of these boards look identical, meaning feather edge boards are ideal if you want to create a boundary between your residence and your property. You do however, need to install the boards individually while building a fence so it can take longer than other types. That said, this is actually beneficial because it makes it easier to repair any damage to a single board, instead of replacing an entire fence panel.


Feather edge boards: a quick run-through of the advantages


The price and versatility of feather edge boards make them a popular choice for fencing in the UK, yet here are just a few more rewards you’ll reap from investing in these boards:



These boards are pressure treated, thus offering protection against rot. Therefore, you can use them to create beautiful fences in areas that are susceptible to moisture.


Easy to replace

These boards offer longer life and durability than traditional style close board fencing but they don't cost too much. If one of the boards gets damaged after a few years, you can simply replace it with another. There's no need to buy a fence panel like in traditional fences.


Planning permission

Feather edge boards of up to 1.95m height don't require permission before installation. A fence with 1.95m height is more than enough for an average-sized home.


Easy maintenance

As already mentioned, most top manufacturers pressure treat the boards so that they don't rot. You can treat the boards further every one or two years to increase their lifespan.


Feather edge boards lead the way when it comes to cost, longevity and installation. Whilst you should consider the above factors if you’re contemplating the addition of a new fence, it’s also critical to ensure the materials used are of the highest quality. At UK Timber, we operate several sawmills within the UK and offer an extensive range of high quality domestic and European timber products, including feather edge boards. You can learn more about our products by getting in touch with our friendly team today.