A Playground Landscaping Project with Oak Railway Sleepers

A Playground Landscaping Project with Oak Railway Sleepers

Railway sleepers have become an incredibly popular landscaping material for garden projects, due to the versatile nature of this product. Most commonly used for raised flower beds and garden retaining walls, railway sleepers provide an ideal material for such projects as a result of the excellent durable qualities of the timber along with aesthetically pleasing appearance. One of our customers here at UK Timber has utilised the incredible beauty of our New Untreated Oak Sleepers to create a remarkable vegetable garden in a school playground.

Although railway sleepers are available in a range of treated and untreated timber, including Siberian Larch and Douglas Fir, Oak sleepers are often the most popular choice amongst gardeners when completing a landscaping design. One of the most desirable qualities of Oak when used for a construction or landscaping project, is this incredible life span of this hardwood in comparison to alternative softwood species, offering additional longevity and stability to a project.

Along with the structural benefits of using Oak for landscaping, this hardwood species is renowned for its appearance. Oak is recognised for its distinct grain and golden colour that beautifully fades to a silver-grey with age, perfect for creating an elegant finish to your design.

This customer project has been created with the use of New Untreated Oak Sleepers, that have then been cut to size with the use of our cross-cutting service, enabling our customer to receive sleepers in the exact measurements required to complete this project with ease. By using oak for this series of raised vegetable beds, the beds will not only stand the test of time, they also offer an elegantly clean finish to the contemporary design of the ‘Edible Playground’.

To create a similar design for your landscaping project, take a look at our range of railway sleepers today.