Siberian Larch Raised Beds Project

Siberian Larch Raised Beds Project

Adding a raised bed to your external surroundings can offer a multitude of benefits to your garden that go beyond the aesthetic value of the design. Raised beds are often a popular choice amongst gardeners due to the advantages they can offer that may not be achievable through the traditional means of planting, such as improved drainage for your plants or vegetables. By building a raised bed, it enables you to create a deeper base for the soil, allowing your flowers or vegetables to flourish. Not to mention, by using a raised bed it creates an accessible planter that is easy to maintain.

From a landscapers perspective, adding a raised flower bed is not only a very practical asset for your garden but ideal for creating an aesthetically pleasing design. Raised beds are perfect for a variety of landscaping purposes from creating a contemporary garden feature, to building a boundary for your surroundings that offers a sense of elegance.

One of our customers here at UK Timber has created a series of raised flower beds using our Untreated Siberian Larch Railway Sleepers.  By using two sizes; 1200mm and 2400mm length sleepers,  this has created an interlocking design, that is not only practical but aesthetically pleasing, forming the perfect base to grow their vegetables.

The unique properties of Siberian Larch, make this species the ideal choice when selecting a timber for your raised beds as demonstrated here in this customer project.  Siberian Larch is widely recognised for its beautiful grain and straw like colour, along with the exceptional stability and durability that this softwood has to offer. Making this species a popular choice amongst landscapers for a multitude of uses, when a material that is both beautiful in appearance and highly durable, is required.

The stunning colour and grain of Siberian Larch can be seen throughout the raised beds.

Siberian Larch Sleepers Used for Raised Bed

Siberian Larch Sleepers used for Raise Beds

Siberian Larch Railway Sleepers used to create raised flower beds

Siberian Larch Railway Sleepers used to create raised flower beds.

Take a look at our range of Railway Sleepers and Raised Bed kits to create a similar design for your project.