The advantages of using oak for home and garden projects

The advantages of using oak for home and garden projects

Oak has long been held in high regard across most cultures in Europe, in fact ancient kings once decorated themselves with crowns of oak leaves, signifying their status. Though it’s unlikely we’ll see Queen Elizabeth II swap diamonds for oak in the near future, we can’t deny oak its rightful place as King of The Woods, especially in terms of home and garden improvements. Oak wood can be used to create beautiful pergolas, strong fences, tidy raised beds, solid gates, hardwood decking, stylish skirting and quality doors among other home essentials, delivering a rich colour and an elegant texture. If you’re considering oak for your home and garden projects, here are a few of the reasons why it’s worth the investment.

Adds character

The natural appearance of oak adds personality and charm to any structure, and that’s exactly why you often find large oak trusses, purlins and beams working as a strong feature in classical cottages. Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary coffee table, an oak framed barn that stands the test of time or a stunning set of estate gates, you’re guaranteed a unique finish, with warm tones and pleasant graining.

Superior strength

There are over 500 types of oak across the globe and though colours and textures can vary, you will always be guaranteed exceptional durability. Being naturally strong and resistant to moisture, oak can survive against the elements for decades to come, and there are plenty of examples where oak buildings are still standing strong centuries later, and that’s because oak can become sturdier as it matures. It’s also important to understand that oak has a high content of tannin, delivering immense resistance to insects and fungi.


As you’ll see when you browse our many structural, outdoor and indoor timber products, oak can be used for a huge range of purposes. Oak can deliver on style, strength and durability, so whether you are keen to add value to your home with framed oak doors, or wish to strengthen your new outbuilding with dependable cladding, oak will not let you down.

Cost effective

As a natural hardwood, oak grows at a slower rate than softwoods, meaning it’s scarcer to harvest. But without slow growth, it wouldn’t deliver the same level of strength and durability, and that’s exactly why it’s so cost effective. If you’re looking for a natural material that’s durable and easy to clean, oak is a worthwhile investment. Much like a delightful whiskey (which coincidentally is aged in oak barrels) oak becomes more refined over the years, developing even more character.


Simply put, if you’re looking for timber that’s strong, stylish, cost effective and versatile, make sure you consider oak. Here at UK Timber, we stock a huge range of oak products for interior, exterior and garden renovation projects. We also provide custom cutting, such as Fresh Sawn Oak Beams and Kiln Dried Oak Boards. If you require any further information on our oak wood products, please do not hesitate to call us on 01536 267107.