Be Inspired - Update Your Fencing

Be Inspired - Update Your Fencing

Our Fencing Products

Timber is the most popular material for fencing because it is flexible and can adapt to any location or situation and is extremely easy to manage in terms of repair. The major reason behind its popularity is because it is highly reliable. They are quick and easy to install. Considering the number of years they last, they are exceptionally good value. It also plays a vital role when it comes to improving the aesthetics of the environment and accentuating its beauty. They are good heat reflectors, efficient windbreaks, and they can be best choices as noise blockers. Now if you’re someone who likes attractive fencing of one sort or another, then no matter what your needs are, UK Timber can satisfy them.

As expert Timber Merchants we offer an exceptionally wide range of high quality timber fencing services including featheredge board fencing, machine rounded and peeled and pointed posts and stakes, post and rail fencing and much more. All our timber is sourced from highly reputable companies that are mostly FSC or PEFC accredited.

What Is Post And Rail Fencing?

You’ll be receiving only quality fencing from us as all our timber is treated for protection from termites, heat, fungus and water. They will last longer and will not show any signs of withering. Our Post And Rail Fencing can be used as agricultural and equestrian fences as well as border fences and garden fences. These fences are known to make an attractive appearance. All our fencing is pressure treated to extend its lifespan. Post And Rail Fencing can be tailored to your needs. These fences are great at dividing property lines and can give a country edge to your garden.

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