Cleaning Oak Beams

Cleaning Oak Beams

Oak Beams can brighten up any place instantly. Their beauty and durability are unbeatable. They evoke a subtle sense of warmth and lend character to any room. For all these qualities and much more, these beams are gaining in popularity. They have been a great part of the British architecture. These beams require special care and attention and even cleaning operations should be carried out with maximum care to minimise damage. Thankfully, UK Timber ensures that all the beams provided have already been treated but as a guide we have compiled the following information on the maintenance of Oak Beams.

Below Are A Few Easy Tips To Clean Oak Beams:

1. Cleaning the beams with a pressure washer prior to installing the beams will help a lot with cleaning in the long run.

2. If you have not been able to do so, then you can try the following:

3. To remove dirt and mould you can wash down and scrape the beam.

4. You can use a steamer cleaner to open up the grain and clean into the beam. This will also sterilise the Oak Beams.

5. All engrained dirt will be brought to the surface with steam cleaning and wood that is badly stained has to be scrapped to remove the worst of it.

6. All the scraping and washing down will make the wood clean.

7. You then have to rinse and repeat.

8. The Oak Beams may take some time to dry out.

9. Sand can be used to remove particularly deep stains, splinters and scruffs.

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