Enhance Your Garden With a Pergola or Terrace

Enhance Your Garden With a Pergola or Terrace

You can greatly improve the appearance of your garden just by having a pergola/ terrace installed, whether it’s free standing or attached to your home.

A wooden pergola with vertical legs and open rafters across for a roof can transform your simple garden into an outdoor haven for you, your friends and family to enjoy. And here at UK Timber, we can also provide kits I addition where can have decking alongside.

In years to come you can expect to see a gorgeous woven net of plants criss-crossing the structure of the pergolas and draping from the roof rafters. Perhaps in the furture, you can further imrpove the appearance by adding some focal features You can also add some features, perhaps even a water feature, like a small natural round stone tower waterfall – which sits in a bowl, or perhaps some lovely lighting to enhance the mood whether you choose normal or coloured bulbs, the choice is yours. For the colder evening, it might be nice to have something to keep you warm, so you can consider heat lamps, stoves or fire-pits.

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