Things to Consider Before Building a Timber Deck

Things to Consider Before Building a Timber Deck

A timber deck makes a good transitional space between two different areas in your home. It is an area where you can relax, bond with your family and friends, think, paint or simply be alone for some ‘me’ time. Building a timber deck is easy, especially if you consider the following points for a quality timber deck construction.

What is the purpose of my timber deck?

The purpose of timber decking must be analysed first for you to know the design and the timber decking materials that you will need. Your decking area will make the ideal entertainment area, an extension of the living room, a play area for the children, a terrace, etc.

What is the best timber deck design for me?

You may consider various timber deck designs. To add a Victorian feel to your deck you could add more detail to your materials. You may also add a touch of modernity to the deck by adding some glass materials or by painting the timber with white or silver. Before anything else, you must first complete the architectural plan of the deck to be able to construct the timber deck precisely. Consider the following points when drawing your decking plans:

 - Board widths (the same or varying) and spacing
 - Height of the deck design
 - Type of timber to be used
 - Board organisation (Plain parallel or with layout design)
 - Finish and colour

How much money do I need?

Money is always a factor in construction. You will need to set aside adequate funds for construction materials including timber decking, installation costs, labour fees and extra money for unexpected payables. Try not to compromise on the quality of your timber decking.

Where should I place the timber deck?

You should also consider the location. People often place their timber decks near the kitchen, near the living room, facing the garden, facing a great view (sunset, mountains, sea views, etc.).

Do I have to ask for a planning permission?

The UK government usually allows the installation of timber decking. There is no need to apply for planning permission provided that:

Timber Decking is not more than 30 cm above the ground and; All decks, extensions, outbuildings, etc. can cover the area without exceeding 50% of the space.

These building regulations should be assumed to be applicable in every deck structure.
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Note: Contact the Local Building Control office if you are unsure whether there are additional requirements to comply.

Now you may proceed to the actual installation or construction of your deck. Next stop… The UK Timber website to purchase the finest timber decking materials.