Various Decking Accessories Available at UK Timber

Various Decking Accessories Available at UK Timber

UK Timber offers a wide variety of timber decking products such as decking boards, decking joists and accessories. Listed below are the kinds of decking accessories available at UK Timber:

1. Newels & Posts

Newels and posts serve as the edges or the supporting pillars for terraces, verandas, balconies and other timber platforms. The fine Pyramid top newels from UK Timber are freshly cut and shaped from the company’s tree plantation. They come in two sizes: 1250mm x 83mm x 83mm and 1800mm x 83mm x 83mm. You may apply varnish directly to the newels to enhance their brown timber shade. They can also be designed and painted with any colour.

2. Spindles

The Stop Chamfered Spindles from UK Timber are perfect for hand and base rails. They are “pressure treated” softwood that can resist pests, water and damaging chemicals over long periods of time. They are ideal for open verandas and terraces. The spindles are only available in one size: 895mm x 41mm x 41mm.

3. Balustrades

Balustrades attach, support and hold the timber panels together. They are suitable for high quality spindles because they can also serve as hand and base rails. They are also “pressure treated” for durability purposes. The dimensions of our balustrades are 2400mm x 30mm x 66mm.

4. Panels

The pre-fabricated, Stop Chamfered Spindle Panels from UK Timber are offered in sets. They are put together to save time during construction. Simply attach the set of panels to the decking board and you’re good to go.