Choosing Timber for Your Pool Deck

Choosing Timber for Your Pool Deck

Swimming is one of the most common sports around the world. Like any other sports, swimming can also lead to a lot of accidents. This is the reason why it is best to choose timber decking for your pool surround.


Pool decks are often wet, which can make them very slippery. This could result in accidents and injuries – both minor and major. One of the advantages of choosing timber for your pool deck is that wood is less slippery when wet compared to tiles and concrete.


It is quite unusual to see timber pool decks but they do look elegant. The many different kinds of wood will enable you to construct a pool deck that will be customised and unique.


One of the biggest factors when designing and constructing anything is your budget. Timber decking is a far cheaper option than concrete and tiles. To construct a pool deck with wood usually requires simple fixing materials like nails, while concrete and tiles will need sand, cement, etc.


Wood is also easier to repair than concrete. Unlike concrete and tiles where repairs will be extensive, you only need to buy wood for the specific area that is damaged. Wood repairs are also often faster to complete compared with concrete.

Good for health

There is a study that suggests that wood naturally breathes because it is derived from trees, which are living objects. Wooden floors are advisable for people who have allergies or breathing problems.


Wood is a naturally warm material. Even if it becomes wet and you walk barefooted, you wouldn't feel the cold on a wooden surface. Convinced about the benefits of choosing wood for your pool deck? Contact UK Timber to start constructing your elegant pool surroundings.