Environment-Friendly Timber Cladding at UK Timber

Environment-Friendly Timber Cladding at UK Timber

Years ago, cladding was not used for high-rise buildings because the material was bulky and heavy. With the continuous innovation of design, more and more architects and home builders have become interested in cladding, not only for residential structures but also for corporate buildings. The cladding that is offered on the market today is sleek and stylish compared to the cladding that was on offer in the past.

One of the most sought after materials for cladding is timber. Timber claddings are becoming increasingly popular adornments to the exteriors of many buildings. The material is naturally lightweight and very appropriate to use, not only for exterior home construction but for interior home design as well. Aside from its weight advantage, home builders and architects appreciate the beauty of timber claddings that contribute to the extra dimension to a home or garden structure. Given the option of using treated or untreated claddings, home builders can choose what type of cladding will complement their design. Furthermore, there is no question of the strength of timbers. Timbers as cladding are naturally strong and practical to use for construction. At UK Timber, we offer nothing but the best treated or untreated timber claddings to our clients to ensure customer satisfaction.

Everyone wants to contribute to an environmentally friendly community. In order to achieve this goal, homeowners can opt for natural materials for their home construction or home renovation. In line with this, we take pride in the fact that our timber claddings are taken from sustainable resources. The process of harvesting the timbers doesn’t require excessive fossil fuel to manufacture the claddings, compared with other types of cladding like aluminium or steel. Furthermore, timber claddings have low carbon emission by comparison. Timbers, as claddings, are also organic, non-toxic and renewable and since our timber claddings are made from natural wood, our product can be recycled once it has reached the end of its useful life.

Timber claddings are environmentally friendly not only because they are made from natural materials. When assessing whether a material is environmentally friendly or not, its cost and function should also be considered. Timber claddings are very flexible when it comes to design. They can be stacked horizontally, vertically or diagonally and can be cut according to the user’s preference.

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