Quality Oaks at UK Timber

Quality Oaks at UK Timber

Architects and other local home builders are slowly shifting from using costly materials such as aluminium and rocks to woods. Aside from budget issues, architects choose woods over other materials because they can provide the same benefits and aesthetic quality. Today, among the most sought-after types of wood is oak.
Oak is one of the most popular choices for architects and home builders when it comes to building both furniture and flooring. Oak is tough and durable and can last for 15-25 years if properly handled. Oaks are tough because the age of the wood is considered before it is felled to make timbers. Oaks are not only tough and durable; they are also naturally beautiful -- making them the perfect choice if you want to achieve both aesthetic and practical qualities in your projects.
The two most popular types of oak are European and American White Oak.

What is European Oak?

The distinctive colour of the European Oak which is light to dark brown is not the only factor that sets it apart from the American White Oak. While the two boast the same quality, European Oak lends itself particularly well to finishing -- meaning it doesn’t expand and contract. This type of oak is used in most types of furnishing and flooring. European oaks are generally hard-wearing and beautiful.

What is American White Oak?

The most common type of American White Oak is the Quercus Alba. Quercus Alba is a type of tree that doesn’t grow as tall as European Oaks. However, because of its broadness, the tree is considered to be perfect for horizontal projects such as timber decking. Unlike European Oak, Quercus Alba is moist and has a tendency to wear after it dries. Drying of the wood can cause internal problems to the structure of the wood if not treated properly by wood suppliers.

Which one is better?

Both types of oaks are notably good for building structures, floorings and furniture. Both types will be suitable if the supplier can reassure you that the woods came from a sustainable source. The choice will also depend on the type of project that you are planning.