Traditional Styled Picket Fencing For Your New Garden

Traditional Styled Picket Fencing For Your New Garden

Is your garden long overdue a makeover? Then why not start off by renewing your picket fencing. If you want palisade fencing to last, purchase timber straight from the timber merchants at UK Timber.

Why Should You Choose Picket Fencing At UK Timber?

Your traditional garden decor just isn’t complete without natural wood fencing. Not only is it affordable, but it adds warmth and style to your garden design. Here at UK timber we offer you unobtrusive picket fencing to help create boundaries between properties and gardens. The picket fencing we have to offer has gaps between the pales and is low in height to make sure the sunshine still reaches your garden.

The fencing materials at our online store are all pressure treated with Tanalith which ensures longevity and durability. This means your garden fence will be rot and insect resistant. Another great feature of our products is the option to choose from different picket tops, such as rounded, flat or pointed. Your garden renewal doesn’t need to cost you a fortune if you choose our quality products.

Get Your Picket Garden Fence From UK Timber

Here at UK Timber we offer you top quality wood products for you to build a long-lasting and durable garden fence. Our picket fencing panels and posts will meet your needs for quality and cost-efficiency. We provide flexible, friendly and reliable services and can offer expert advice in choosing the best fencing materials for your garden. So why wait? Make the most of your garden and renew your garden fence!