Add Texture To Your Home With Timber Cladding

Add Texture To Your Home With Timber Cladding

The process of adding timber cladding to homes is growing in popularity with many home owners and architects in recent years. The finished result can add great texture and character to a home and make it stand out as a unique building. Timber cladding is environmentally friendly and it can transform an otherwise generic looking building into something more unique, modern and sophisticated.

UK Timber For Your Timber Cladding Resources

UK Timber is a UK leading provider of timber materials which can be used for a range of construction projects, including timber cladding. We are the cheapest timber cladding specialist in the UK and to prove that promise, we are offering to price match any quotes that you get elsewhere that are cheaper. While our prices are low, you can rest assured the quality of the timber provided is of the highest standards. Delivery is made anywhere in the UK and we can offer advice on what internal and external cladding materials will work best for your needs.

Timber cladding acts as an extra layer of protection to your home and is therefore also known as weatherboarding.  It reinforces the strength of your external walls and can in some cases add value to property.

At UK Timber you can source cladding in various wood materials like oak, western red cedar, treated softwood and English larch. Featheredge cladding is best suited for external walls and you have the freedom to create a truly bespoke order. We can cut the cladding to your exact specifications so you will never be left with more material than you actually require.