Safe Guard Your Garden With Post And Rail Fencing

Safe Guard Your Garden With Post And Rail Fencing

UK Timber ranks among the leading providers of post and rail fencing in the United Kingdom. We have a variety of fencing and rail materials including Treated Softwood Fencing Rails, Treated Softwood Cant Rails and Treated Softwood Posts. The softwood variety is a popular choice among home improvement enthusiasts who want stylish garden fences that not only act as barriers against intruders but also express their taste for beautiful surroundings.

Increased Safety With Post And Rail Fencing

Post and rail fencing has been an effective safety tool for centuries and while new developments in materials and technology may have created wonderful protective barriers, the old fashioned fence still acts as an effective addition in appropriate homes.

UK Timber provides treated and machine turned posts and rails that make it easier for a homeowner to put up. The softwood varieties are easier to work, especially when builders are bringing together several joints through fasteners like nails. We also offer creosoted post and rail fencing materials that are treated with creosote to ensure durability. This latter selection includes machine turned posts and peeled pine stakes that give a home a rustic feel when used in fencing.

Shop With UK Timber Merchants

One of the benefits of UK Timber's wide selection of post and rail fencing materials is their amazing costs. With prices beginning from as low as £3 apiece, buyers can get some of the best fencing materials in the world with iron clad quality guarantees that ensure you never regret spending your money on these awesome products. Unlike most timber merchant dealers, we also have a website in which you can see the products before deciding on what to buy and at what cost.

Other timber products that we offer include hand-made furniture, oak flooring, oak framed buildings, timber cladding, railway sleepers, hand-made gates and landscaping materials.