Oak Flooring Is Practical And Stylish

Oak Flooring Is Practical And Stylish

Since oak is an expensive looking material, it naturally adds that posh flair to your property and in some cases can increase the value of your overall building as well.

Oak Flooring Enhances The Interior Design Of Your Property

Oak flooring strikes a sophisticated chord in any area, especially if the floors are well maintained and absolved from natural fading due to regular usage, cracks, dents and scratches. It amplifies the atmosphere in a bedroom, living, or family room.

Grown in a durable way maintaining its original charm and available in several hues and tones, oak flaunts an organic congeniality in being matched with all types of furniture from contemporary to antique.

At UK Timber you can find character grade oak flooring made from solid English or solid French wood. We supply the flooring unfinished so you have the freedom to create the exact look you want. This further enhances the great versatility benefits you get from them.

UK Timber Merchants

We are nationwide timber merchants for oak and timber delivery, operating a large number of sawmills and secondary processing equipment from three different locations.

Apart from cladding materials customers can also find sawn products include oak beams, air dried oak beams, oak post and rail fencing, softwood post and rail fencing, eco treated softwood railway sleepers, new untreated oak railway sleepers, and new untreated larch railway sleepers that we self mill.