High Quality Oak Flooring For Your Home

High Quality Oak Flooring For Your Home

Oak Flooring is a great asset that should be considered in every home and building. This hardwood material adds great character and charm to a room, as well as adding some financial value to your home.

Oak has always been a consistently popular choice for wood flooring as it blends well with any interior design and it is highly durable, providing the owner years of reliable service. Wooden flooring in general is a much recommended choice as it is easy to clean and you have the freedom of dressing it up with a rug, if that is your preference.

In order to ensure you fit the best quality oak flooring, you have to check the source of the wood. Timber merchants that specialise in oak wood are your best bet for quality flooring and we at UK Timber are a leading provider of self-milled timber products.

UK Timber Merchants Provide Custom Cut Solid Oak Flooring

With years of experience in the timber merchants industry we have developed a level of expertise that is unmatched by many other companies. Particularly when it comes to flooring, we stand out for offering consistent high quality, good customer service and extensive stock ranges.

Our oak flooring can be custom produced for you, right down to the finish of either hard wax oils or lacquers or unfinished; as well as standard flooring grades. Choose from Prime grade flooring, Character grade floor boards and Tavern grade flooring. All of which are available in Solid English or Solid French.

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