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Sekelbos Sun Dried African Logs

Sekelbos Sun Dried African Logs

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Sekelbos firewood like Kameeldoring has the lowest moisture content of any of our firewood and possibly any firewood in the world. It is baked by the African sun to between 0 to 1 % moisture content!!(compare this to domestic air dried woods at around 30% and domestic kiln dried wood at around 18 - 20%!) The wood starts with ultra low moisture content due to the lack of water in it's habitat and the job is finished off by the unforgiving African sun!

Packed in clean, easy to handle 20kg (approximately) large polypropylene sacks. Remember the absence of water means that you are getting more for your money!

Benefits of this ultra low moisture content, ultra dense, ultra beautiful African firewood include:

Amazing long burn times, virtually zero smoke production, no wasted energy burning off extra moisture and the very best return in calorific value terms that money can buy - the 20kg bag is roughly equivalent to 3 or 4 large nets of seasoned domestic firewood due to it's density, heat output and longevity!

Our Sekelbos firewood is responsibly cropped with Governmental co-operation with local landowners and farmers.

Sekelbos is an invasive shrub that is cropped for firewood to keep it under control.

Sekelbos burns with large flames, a musky aromatic fragrance and creates serious amounts of charcoal This is a superb cooking wood, is perfect for fire pits and chimneas and has exceptionally long burn time!

Due to the desert like climatic conditions sekelbos has a moisture content of almost zero - you are therefore buying almost no moisture - only super dry, super dense firewood!

Beautiful African firewood now available in the UK!

Time to light the braai!

Delivered on a burnable wooden pallet.

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