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Green And Air Dried Oak Beams Explained
Posted in Product Information by Admin on March 7th 2013

Structural Green Oak Beams

Green structural oak is simply fresh cut oak that has been felled in the last 3 - 6 months. It has a relatively high moisture content and is therefore prone to shrinkage and movement as the drying process takes it course. The shrinkage and movement is by no means certain but it is a good idea to take it into account when making your purchase. Green oak is almost completely responsible for the construction of the UK's stately homes and ancient dwellings (so it cannot be so bad!) and should be viewed as a characterful alternative to air dried oak for structural internal use. It is also perfect for outdoor pergolas, barns and all types of new build constructions.

Structural Air Dried Oak Beams

Air dried structural oak is exactly as it sounds, oak dries relatively slowly (approx 25 - 40mm per year) this is a general rule and should not be relied upon, it depends heavily on the environment in which the oak is stored. Our air dried oak beams have been stored in perfect drying conditions for between 3 - 5 years. We are happy that they can be relied upon to provide as much protection as is possible against future shrinkage or movement, in fact we believe that our beams are the very best available and are sourced from a consortium of 5 professional sawmill in northern France who specialise in nothing else!

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BroadoakRailwaySleepers July 29th 2013 12:20:50 PM
Green oak beams are used in construction !!
Terence Dunleavy January 31st 2015 08:01:06 PM
Dear Sir/Madam I wanted to purchase some oak boards of your website. I plan to make a rustic oak dining table. I am assuming your \"structural air dried oak beams\" are best for me as I understand these boards are less likely to shrink/expand/move, when glued/clamped together and they are of rustic finish. I\'m not after the PAR smooth finish boards.The board sizes I\'m after are approx 150by80by1800. However after looking at some of the pictures on your website some of these boards appear silver grey colour. What I need to know,is this silver/grey colour just on the face of the wood and can be sanded off easily? Or does it go deep into the wood leaving it the silver grey colour? When I have the table all prepared and ready for protection coat ( wax or varnish) I need to be sure it will be of its original oak colour or close, but not silver grey. Another question - I note the delivery charge is expensive, where would be the nearest site to Watford, Herts I could collect the order from? Looking forward to hearing from you Kind Regards Terence
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