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Hand Crafted Furniture at UK Timber
Posted in General Information by on January 28th 2015

UK Timber is one of the most reliable timber merchants in the UK. We are committed to providing high quality timber products, like handmade furniture. Our handmade furniture is meticulously crafted by our highly skilled craftsmen and is made to suit the specific requirements of our customers.

Here is some of the handmade oak furniture available at UK Timber:

Hand Crafted Oak Coffee Tables

Our hand crafted oak coffee tables are made from railway sleepers and oak beams. They cater to both modern and classic traditional designs. They can add character to any type of home.

The oak sleepers used in our coffee tables are green or partially air dried. The oak beam coffee tables are created out of untreated solid oak beams. Manufactured from newly sawn and native grown English Oak, both the oak sleeper and oak beam will continue to mature once it is placed in your home. As they mature, the natural cracks and splits will change. They add even more character to the coffee table and create a natural ‘rustic’ look.

Our coffee tables are delivered unfinished or finished with Danish Oil.

We offer four types of oak coffee tables:

  • Oak Railway Sleeper Coffee Table
  • Square Oak Railway Sleeper Coffee Table
  • Oak Beam Coffee Tables - 3 Beam Top
  • Oak Beam Coffee Tables - 4 Beam Top


Hand Crafted Oak Sleepers TV Stand

Just like the oak coffee tables, our oak sleeper TV Stands are made of green or partially air dried oak. They are timely oak stands that will suit in any home setting. Our oak sleeper TV Stands are delivered unfinished. This enables our customers to finish them using the colour scheme and coating that they prefer. We highly suggest that the oak sleeper TV stands are finished with oil, varnish or wax.

Hand Crafted Oak Lamp Stands/Side Tables

Our oak lamp stands/side tables are also made of semi air-dried oak. All of the edges are chamfered and refined. If you wish to apply your own finish, you may request an unfinished lamp stand/side table. Alternatively, we can deliver them with hardwax oil finish.

Oak Mantel Pieces

Our oak mantel pieces for fireplaces are made to order. They are made of dried, untreated oak sleepers that may include cracks, splits and waney edges. They may be supplied with a rough sawn finish or a smooth all round finish. Just like the other hand crafted furniture, our oak mantels are also delivered untreated so that customers can add their desired colour and finish.

All of our hand-made furniture is available in different sizes. Please visit our website for more details. 

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