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Oak Beams For Your Building Extension
Posted in General Information by Admin on April 18th 2013

If you need quality oak beams, make sure you source them from reputable suppliers in the market. There are different types of oak beams that are suitable for different design and construction projects, so it’s best you go to a provider that understands the timber and construction very well. They can offer the best advice, competently answer any queries you have and are more likely to have the beams that will best suit your needs.

Affordable Oak Beams From UK Timber

Whether you need fresh sawn or dried beam it is imperative that you get them at affordable prices. Never paying more or less than is required. At UK Timber you can order these beams with other timber products which are perfectly suited for a range of projects, including property extensions.

Air dried structural oak grade is one of the best types of oak beam you can get for demanding structural jobs. This timber has been dried slowly over a period of between 3 to 5 years, making them particularly strong.

Green structured oak beams on the other hand, have been felled in recent months (3-6 months). On purchase, you should consider the shrinkage percentage that might sometimes affect any end product you produce using these oak beams. 

Why Use Oak Beams To Build An Extension?

Oak beams are highly durable, versatile enough to be cut into a range of designs and they have a natural ability to withstand harsh weather environments and their high tannin content keeps them protected from insect and fungal attacks.

At UK Timber you can benefit from our price match guarantee, ensuring you always get the best quote on oak beams. Our materials can work for whatever building extension project you have in mind, such as interior decorations or periodical reconstructions.

To make an enquiry please call 01536 267107

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