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Make Your House Stand Out With Picket Fencing
Posted in General Information by Admin on April 17th 2013

Picket fencing is a great way to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and potentially increase its value. The cost of picket fencing is going up. However, when you choose your fencing materials from UK Timber, you will be able to reduce the cost while getting the best quality products.

Why Invest In Picket Fencing For Your Home

1. Curb Appeal

You can save a lot of money and space by incorporating picket fencing ideas and products from UK Timber into a more comprehensive improvement program. You can link the fence to a new patio or deck to increase usable outdoor space.

2. Privacy Concerns

Picket fencing will also give you more privacy. The fence will make your yard and garden look more accessible and appealing while screening off the sounds and sight of close neighbours.

3. Neighbourhood Style

If everyone in your neighbourhood has a good fence, you will also need to follow suit. Look around the neighbourhood and get some ideas for picket fencing your home.

4. Value

Your fence will also increase security and allow you and your loved ones to securely enjoy the outdoors within your own property grounds.

UK Timber delivers timber and oak across the country. Therefore, you can rely on us for your picket fencing needs. This way, you will be able to benefit from all the product ranges on offer, the low prices and the benefits they have for your home.

Self Milled Machined Products From UK Timber

Some of the picket fencing products you can buy from UK Timber include:

- English larch decking

- English softwood decking

- English oak decking

- Decking joists

- Gravel boards

- Fence panels

- English oak flooring

UK Timber will provide you with durable, strong and high quality timber for all your fencing needs. You can also style the fence as you like using strong timber products from our product range.

To make an enquiry please call 01536267107

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